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My everyday life is about art, all my waking time is art. the erotic part of my art is a side project. Where it all started with some paintings I made in 1991. I had made some paintings, monochrome in a brown color, which were mostly of different animals. One day I was visited in my studio by a couple who wondered if I could not paint them, they wanted a painting of themselves in a sexual position. I was allowed to photograph them while they were having sex on my podium in the studio. We went through the pictures I took at a later time and decided which one would be a painting. It became a painting that was 200 x150 cm.
That was the beginning of the erotic part of my art.
The more commercial part of my art consists mostly of animals, landscapes, cityscapes etc.

One of my contributions to the Best of Erotic Art First Edition London 2021

The cover of my erotic book!

The book is printed to order and shipped directly from the printing house. Contact me if you are interested in buying the book.

The price for this book is in different currencies 1500 SEK, 148 USD, 120 GBP, and 140 EUR Excluding any Shipping tax and customs. The book is 26 pages in full color on premium matt paper.
The size is 29.7×42 cm (A3) in horizontal format.

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